Faceblog #6

Hey, How are you? Good I hope. Busy? Time poor as we say in the biz? Yeah me too. So I’ll make this short. Recently I’ve been having a lot of roadblocks come between me and where I want to be. And that is fine. It is to be expected. I’ve just been working extra… Read More »

Faceblog #5

I don’t miss the world of corporate bullshit. How could I? I was only ever in it for around 1 month. I have a forcefield around me when it comes to bureaucracy. Not one that protects me. It’s more like an EMP generator. I basically just break bureaucracy whenever I come into contact with. My… Read More »

Faceblog #4

Remember when it used to be difficult to get people to give you money online? Seems like only yesterday I was celebrating my first sale. Waking up to $9.95 in my paypal account, that I didn’t put there, blew my tiny little mind! “Joe Bloggs has sent you $9.95” Woooooooo Woooooooo Wooooooo *lap of honour… Read More »

Faceblog #3

[Faceblog 3] I don’t believe in Jinx’s… but if I did… I’d be thinking I’d forgotten to cross some evil old crones hand with silver at some point. Or perhaps disturbed an ancient Indian burial ground. Why? Well thanks for asking. Allow me to elaborate. The past month I’ve been working towards releasing a new… Read More »

Faceblog #2

[Faceblog 2] Today I claimed my first casualty of ‘being me’. It didn’t take long. Perhaps 6 hours! And boy did it feel good… I always enjoy waking up to emails from my subscribers. Especially recently where they have been providing money (always nice) or advice (change the damned font already!) (and enough with the… Read More »