Why you are NOT excused.

How much do you really want it?

Everyone dreams of being in a better place. 

Of having more money to buy luxuries instead of saving hard for necessities. 

Of taking long, lazy holidays in the sun. 

Of attending the best courses with the best mentors. 

Of treating their loved ones to the best schools, presents, lives. 

But few achieve it. 

Not because 'it's too hard'.

Not because 'there isn't enough time.'

And not because you 'don't have anything to offer'

I developed a reputation with my coaching students for listening to their obstacles and then (nicely I hope) pointing out that these were just excuses… 

Which would soon be made irrelevant by taking action. 

It became comical at times…

Halfway through a private call they’d stop what they were saying, laugh and say “I’m just making an excuse I aren’t I… “ and then we’d move on to winning— not whining.

Which is something that divides those that succeed in manifesting their dreams — and those that eternally dream. 

Winners don't make excuses.

Winners accept failure 

— but never defeat. 

Winners see obstacles as challenges to overcome and problems to solve 

— not reasons to delay taking action

— not an opportunity to run back to the familiar comfort of self-doubt.

Excuses serve no purpose to anyone…. Ever.

They keep you weak. 

You only need to look around you for proof that people can achieve success. 

It's happening everywhere all of time. 

If you want it—  you MUST stop making excuses and go get it. 

And if you want to avoid the excuses of not knowing what to do, or how to do it, then knuckle down and invest in Small Strategic Steps. 

It does more that build your business, it builds you confidence, your momentum and your motivation one small step at a time. 


Luke ‘You’re NOT Excused’ Corden

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