Blography 104: 8.5 Reasons You Should Use List Posts

The list post is the go to post for most bloggers at some point in their blogging calendar and precisely for all the reasons listed below I am going to use this blography lesson as a demonstration of why list posts are important. But be careful not to overuse them. As Darren Rowse reminds us “limit [...]

Blography 103: Creating the Perfect Giveaway

“The important thing is that you not let your desire to be perfect right out of the gate prevent you from taking action. If the information is truly as valuable and helpful as you plan on making it, they won’t care if you wrote it in the sand or printed it on gold-embossed paper. – [...]

#4 Overcome Obstacles in 6 Tiny Steps

“Shortcut The Path To Your Business and Income Goals With a Prerequisite Plan That Sidesteps The Obstacles Standing in Your Way.” – Rich Schefren, First you figure out the what – only then do you figure out the how. Keep these questions in mind… Q: What if I had quarter of the time? What [...]