This Too Will Pass

My mum is a wise woman (all mums are right?)   And she always used to drill this into me…   “This too will pass”   These are the words that always come to me in times of difficulty or discomfort.   Illness, loss, grief, and all those testing times, and in hearing her voice… Read More »

You Are Magnificently Insignificant

We are so, SO insignificant in the grand scheme of things…   I have been watching “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey” and it is superb…   It is a reworking of Carl Sagan’s classic, and despite the cheesy narration… the breakthrough of modern science – combined with the technological advancement in graphics – add a scale… Read More »

Oil Your Machine Once in a While

We’ve all heard the proverb…   “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”   Ohhh deeeep! Thanks OLD people!   Sure it sounds great… but what if that first step takes us in completely the wrong direction?   We could end up two thousand miles away from where we need to… Read More »