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[RANT] You Are Exactly Where You Deserve To Be

It's been a while since I've had a rant… so let's get into it:

In marketing terms the hardest thing to sell is prevention.

Very few people will part with money for something that may not happen.

It’s much easier to sell a cure.

People are desperate to cure problems once they arise.

(You know, the same problems that could’ve been prevented.)

So what’s the issue?

People aren’t stupid.

As a general rule people want a better life. Better health. More Money. Better Sex More Often. Admiration. Recognition. More Cheese.

But only if it is fast, easy and cheap…

But fast, easy and cheap doesn't work… (except maybe with sex).

And that leads to a situation where everyone is complaining that they aren’t achieving their dreams.

The blame game gets played.

The "if only" game gets played.

The "poor me" game gets played…

But the elephant in the room is this:

You are exactly where you deserve to be based on the choices and decisions you’ve made up until now…

If you want to see what your future holds then take look at what you’ve been doing recently.

All those things you did (or didn't do) today have already started creating your future for tomorrow.

(Not taking action is a choice too).

You want to know how healthy you’ll be next year…

Take minute and look at the health choices you are making today.

You want to know if you’ll be rich one day…well… what have you been doing to make it a reality?

Have you been:

  • Contacting people that can take you to the next level every single day?
  • Snatching any free hour you can find in the evening to upgrade your skill set?
  • Saving 10% of your earnings no matter what life throws at you?
  • Spending quality time with your family, even if you're feeling stressed, to make sure your most important relationships stay strong?
  • Taking an hour (or just ten minutes) each day to work on your health so your mind is sharp when opportunity arises.
  • Searching for a VA or PA so you can stop doing the stuff that you hate and start focusing on the stuff that makes you happy–and often more money.

People who just hope for a better future lose.

But people who make the effort, every day, to create a better future win… they get rewarded for their actions.

So sell yourself on prevention and prevent waking up in 10 years wondering why nothing has changed.

… and looking for a magic cure.

Because even if there is one, it'll be WAY more expensive than taking small actions today towards the life you want.

… if you don’t then who will?

Luke Corden

Shovels No Crap

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Is Your Marketing “English Beer”?

I’m sitting here, in a pub, in the UK and it’s lunch time.

I’m drinking a beer… which is what we do for work where I come from.

But today is different.

This beer comes in a fancy bottle.

And it’s come all the way from the Sierra Nevada, in the good 'ol US of A.

That's not all…

There are loads of these American beers for sale.

In fact this whole bar is built on the success of American Beer…

For a reluctant Englishman like me this is both weird and exciting.

We all know that English beer should be warm, flat and taste like someone has emptied pot pourri into a bucket of pig swill, stirred in once, and left it to rot…

… and only then shall it be served up in pint sized buckets.

And that's fine because we get European beers.

And they rock.

But American Beer? Budweiser? Why?

At least that is what everyone used to say…

When micro beers first hit the scene pissed-up, red-blooded, Englishmen everywhere were like: 

“Freaking Americans! What do they know about brewing beer?"

Well it turns out those sneaky Yanks know quite a lot… and they're considerably better at it than we are in the UK.

So if you’re sitting on an idea that you think is crazy…

Like American's flooding the UK Market with kick ass  beer… that we drink in "bottles."

Then it's on you to step up and get it out there…

Well done. You've got an idea.  Break it out.  You are the engine of progress.

Because if you sit on it then you are saying listen world, I've got a great idea… but I'd rather leave you to drink warm flat beer.

We need crazy ideas.

We need phones with "touch screens"

We need selfie sticks.

We need inflatable dartboards…

But most of all….

We need people to say "I can do that better than you… and then do it…

America didn’t invent beer.

It didn’t invent brewing, hops, wheat or barley.

It didn't even invent bottles…

But America’s gone n done what we’ve been doing for centuries…


And I for one am grateful…

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel…

Just make the wheel a bit more attractive…

And when you come to sell it just come-a-knockin' here:


Luke Corden

MicroBeer Appreciation Society.

It’s 5.34am and already about 24 degrees Celsius.

I’m strolling between the palm trees dotted along the Tobago coastline.

As I watch the sun rise over the Atlantic I quietly congratulate myself on having achieved a dream…

As dorky as it sounds I'm excited to be going back to my hotel room, where I will pour a coffee, and knuckle down to a couple of hours work—in paradise.

After that the day consists of a steady flow of Pina Coladas, freshly caught BBQ’d Mahi Mahi… a boat trip to a deserted island and whatever else takes my fancy.

Life’s good.

Fast-forward 2 weeks.

I’m back in the UK, somehow it's colder than when I left?

And the weather is not the only thing freezing up.

My steady supply of copywriting work is drying up quicker than a kitchen porter with a meth habit…

It's so bad I’m thinking of changing my screen saver to a tumbleweed.

Anyway, never one to complain, hit the panic button, or worse succumb to “poor me syndrome,” I immediately went to work at changing my situation.

And I figured…

Rather than use this time to get my business back to where it was…

I might as well use this time to get my business to the next level… (hell why not aim to make it twice as profitable)?

It's the same time investment right?

So here’s what I did.

I went through a list of people I knew, respected, and thought might be able to help me.

That list could’ve been BIG and I could've wasted an entire day coming up with it.

But I wasn’t interested in quantity.

I wanted quality and I wanted fast results.

After all I needed to get the money flowing again.

So I joined a mastermind group and *SHOCK HORROR* I asked people a few levels above me for advice…

…and got immediate feedback about how to take my copy biz to the next level.

This info alone saved me hours of running around in circles by showing me a clear path to where I wanted to be.

Next I contacted two people who were in the UK that I thought could help…

You'll see why they needed to be in the UK in just a moment.

Anyhow, one guy got back to me immediately…

I’m mean, within 3 minutes.

My "cry for help" was basically this:

I need a mentor.

I need to get connected to a larger group of prospective clients who understand that investing in copy is "the smart move."

I need to raise my prices to reflect the quality of my work and CREATE MORE TIME to invest in each new client.

Now, it just so turns out that this guy I contacted has been toying with the idea of taking on an apprentice and NOW was just the right time.

Next I agreed to go and see him…

Not call him or Skype him…


I agreed to jump on a train and travel to see him, the next morning.

Which I did.


One beer and 60 minutes later…

I walked out of the bar with a new mentor who will get me connected to new clients, who will help me take my copy to a higher level, and who simply by association has immediately allowed me to triple my prices.

So here's a question for you…

Good luck or good timing?

Well good timing for sure.


Only if you completely discount the history that allowed me to make that call…

Two live events… one of which I was so broke I didn’t even know where I'd be sleeping.

And a reasonably (read: not creepy) amount of communication over the past year.

Also, I’ve worked hard on my copy skills every single day for the past 6 months to the point where he was HAPPY to take me on as his apprentice.

Nothing about that feels lucky to me.

To me it feels like investing in myself, taking smart, decisive action, and showing you care enough to jump on a train is what made the difference.

Guru's always harp on about "taking massive action"…

… like you need to grind yourself into an early grave and… succeed or die!

But the truth is you have no idea how big an outcome can set in motion by a single small action until you take it.

Where does this apply to you?

Well do you want more?

Do you want to make a change?

If so, it doesn’t have to be vast… the smallest change can start the snowball rolling.

So you see, there really is no excuse… sorry about that.

Want to get started?

Well one of the smallest, easiest acitons you can take to improve your business is to get professional copy to increase your sales…  

And you can get that here: http://www.copyopia.com

Luke Corden
Tiny Actions Work Too

What business do you THINK you are in?

What business do you think you are in?

Whenever you write a sales letter you are talking about a deadly serious subject…

It’s not how to get 6 pack abs.

It’s not how to make money.

It’s not personal coaching, dating or golf…

And believe it or not… it’s not about how to train your damned dog!


If you are trying to sell something, no matter what your product is, you are in the money business…

Specifically, the money in your prospect’s pocket, bank account, or pillow case…

That’s a serious, emotional business you’re dealing with… especially in today’s ball-breaking economic climate.

So tread lightly…

Don’t be salesy, don’t be abrupt, don’t just “say it how it is”…

(At least not until you’ve built up a rapport with your prospect.)

We all instinctively know this…

But the best copywriters understand this…

They know how to weave an emotional story that gets you agreeing with them.

They know the psychological tricks that get you feeling like they are on your side.

They remove your responsibility for failure…

… and then they paint a picture of your future so bright and rosy that the money it costs seems immaterial…

… and only then do they mention "the product.”

You see the product is irrelevant.

And yes…

I know you’ve probably slaved over creating it, promoting it, or finding the exact right product for your niche.

But you’re not selling the product…

You’re selling the experience the product provides…

You’re selling the fantasy of a better life… where the money in your pocket right now is redundant.

This works because it gets your prospect imagining the life they truly desire…

Where money is no object…

It’s called "Future Pacing" in the Biz…

And it’s just one of many little tricks I’ll be sharing with you in upcoming emails to make you a marketing superhero…

Until then, if you want your own perfect future where all your products are selling…

… just like you’ve always imagined they should, then I’d like to introduce you to my new copywriting service…


Why you are NOT excused.

How much do you really want it?

Everyone dreams of being in a better place. 

Of having more money to buy luxuries instead of saving hard for necessities. 

Of taking long, lazy holidays in the sun. 

Of attending the best courses with the best mentors. 

Of treating their loved ones to the best schools, presents, lives. 

But few achieve it. 

Not because ‘it’s too hard’.

Not because ‘there isn’t enough time.’

And not because you ‘don’t have anything to offer’

I developed a reputation with my coaching students for listening to their obstacles and then (nicely I hope) pointing out that these were just excuses… 

Which would soon be made irrelevant by taking action. 

It became comical at times…

Halfway through a private call they’d stop what they were saying, laugh and say “I’m just making an excuse I aren’t I… “ and then we’d move on to winning— not whining.

Which is something that divides those that succeed in manifesting their dreams — and those that eternally dream. 

Winners don’t make excuses.

Winners accept failure 

— but never defeat. 

Winners see obstacles as challenges to overcome and problems to solve 

— not reasons to delay taking action

— not an opportunity to run back to the familiar comfort of self-doubt.

Excuses serve no purpose to anyone…. Ever.

They keep you weak. 

You only need to look around you for proof that people can achieve success. 

It’s happening everywhere all of time. 

If you want it—  you MUST stop making excuses and go get it. 

And if you want to avoid the excuses of not knowing what to do, or how to do it, then knuckle down and invest in Small Strategic Steps. 

It does more that build your business, it builds you confidence, your momentum and your motivation one small step at a time. 


Luke ‘You’re NOT Excused’ Corden