One Decision Changed My Life

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Preamble - Today I had my first MBA on the phone enquiring about my coaching package…

We spoke for an hour…

I always use these ‘get to know you calls’ to deliver as much strategic insight to the possible client as I can.

I like to ensure even if they decide they don’t want to come on board, they can still go away and change their business up a gear…

The fact that this particular call was offering strategic insights to an MBA made me realise that I have come a very long way in a very short amount of time and his got me to thinking…



236 days ago I had a big decision to make…

My funding for my Ph.D had fallen through and there was no way I could afford to self fund.

I was still working a job that was crippling me with RSI and I was looking down a long double barrel towards a limited future filled with debt.

The decision I made was to guarantee myself success within 6 months. It took me 4.

When my girlfriend asked “what’s plan B?” I said:

“To make plan A work”

She laughed, but I was serious.

I went further into debt maxing out my credit card to get mentored by someone who had been where I was and achieved what I wanted to achieve.

Not only that but they had to be living it. In the trenches. With me.
That’s the kind of guy I’d always been and that was the only kind of mentor I could work with.

I found a guy called Alex Jeffreys and he didn’t disappoint.

I don’t recommend ever getting into debt to solve money issues. (In fact I recently refused a coaching client that said she and her hubby had made an appointment with the bank to get a credit card so she could be coached by me. )

I do recommend however, that you do everything within your power to get a coach or a mentor. Honest ones, that have your best interests at heart, can change everything.

Ask any successful business person and they’ll tell you the same.

So that was the decision….

The outcome…


236 days has taught me a lot about business and about myself. I am coming to believe that as an entrepreneur there is very little difference between the two.

As well as learning a lot I have also achieved a lot.

My first product cleared 7k in 7 days and built a valuable buyers list in the process. A single strategic funnel that I put together took customers from a $9.95 sale up to a $1997 sale in the space of around 3 weeks.

Not just once but on three separate occasions. So – no flukes there and a pretty decent ROI.

From a relatively small list (we’re talking under 1000) I have managed to use value laden and story based emails to generate over 15k in profit since March and in the process I have made a handful of friends – from the list!

The people on the list have become a very real and tangible part of my business and world… not just an asset. If ever there was proof the the money is in the RELATIONSHIP with the list then this is it.

During this short time frame I’ve also made a brief appearance on stage at the UK Marketing Summit making some good friends in the process and finding some serious inspiration to grow.

Since then, I’ve set up and run my own internet marketing coaching course and am gearing up to make a further 100k between now and the end of the 2014.

The downside?

Well sure, things have been lost during this period too.

I’ve lost weight due to the extra time to exercise and look after myself and the receding RSI from quitting my day job.

Which is another thing I have lost… My Job and with it, the anger and cynicism of working to make someone else successful.

My business now involves creating value and helping others achieve their dreams… It is impossible to hold on to any negativity when this is your passion…

It also makes you determined to be a better person in yourself as you are responsible for another’s success (to a degree).

The saddest loss is in friendships. People do fall by the side of the road when you make tough choices to step out of your current climate and into another. Not everyone will wish you success and fear the changes you are brave enough to make.

Anyone trying to take control of their life and forge a better future should be commended on their courage and vision. The internet marketing community is full of these inspirational people which is one of the hidden benefits of choosing this life for yourself.

I have also lost my sense of ‘stuck’. I might not be out of the financial quagmire that a life of servitude to the man lays on you but I am now in control of the direction I take and most importantly of the time I have at my disposal.

The lingering debts built up over the last 20 years will be cleared in less than 1 due to the decision I made to succeed.

And finally I have lost my sense of tiredness and malaise and replaced it with time, motivation, and excitement for the future.

You might be asking so what?

You might be wandering if you should care or if I am just self congratulating.

I’m not. That is not my style. Everything I do has a purpose and this piece of writing is no different.

When I look at everything I have learned and achieved and the benefits even in what I have lost one thing becomes clear.

It all stemmed from a single decision.

I decided to be successful.

I claimed my right to a better life. There was nothing special or unique about the decision. It was a simple and singular commitment to success and the moment it was made the world opened up to me.

I decided to be successful and I took action every single day towards that goal.

Finding the right coach was integral. Applying what I learned was integral.

Understanding and systematising what I learned, applied and was successful with, into my own coaching program has been integral.

What I have learned from my first coaching students has been integral.

Having a deep desire to see others succeed continues to be integral.

I am now in the privileged position to be able to share everything I have distilled into a signature 90 coaching program that is accessible by anyone with a will to succeed no matter your starting position.

It is designed to turn everything around for you in the space of 3 months.

Yes, it is genuine market research.
Yes, it is failsafe product development.
Yes, it is targeted list building.
Yes, it is long term email marketing.
Yes, it is intelligent traffic generation.
Yes, it is launch secrets.

No, it isn’t a free ride. I’m putting everything into your success I expect the same from you.

No, if you lag behind you will not be left behind. That is not who I am.

Yes, it is repeatable, over and over again. The knowledge is central and the application is easy.

I call it Small Strategic Steps and it is not yet open to the public.

You’ll have the opportunity to find out more below…

In principle, if you can find 30 minutes a day to follow what I teach you can find the success you deserve. Success is about sustained focused action. Time and ability are really secondary considerations.

The coaching itself is one-on-one and one-to-many. Plus, there are a handful of masterclasses with specialists that have blown away everyone that has seen them so far – especially the copywriting masterclass. It’s insane!

I am only accepting a handful of people in before the big reveal. This first group will get an extra couple of months live coaching as a reward for taking action.

I never hide, I’m always available. My clients even get my home phone number… So there is never an excuse for not taking action due to not knowing what to do next!

Like I say… I am still in the trenches. I’m still pushing hard for success for myself and my clients… and my favourite fight… is for the underdog.

If you are ready to make the same decision as I made and commit to success and you want to work with me for YOUR FUTURE then sign up below and and when it’s all ready to roll out I’ll let you know…

I’m excited. You should be too!


- Luke Corden


PS: You know the worst case scenario sees you walking away with a free strategy session that would make an MBA proud! So you know… ‘duh!’

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