How To Make Sure Your Biz Isn’t:
“Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow”

Had a hair cut recently? How was it? I got mine done today and I realized something.

Going to get your haircut is one of the few times in life you pay somebody to get less than you went in for.

It’s the definitive idea of paying for quality over quantity.

Because what you’re really paying for is transformation.

A good hairdresser transforms you from something you don’t want into to be:

(a hairy mess)

…into something that you do want to be:

(sharp, cool, beautiful, stylish, whatevs.)

And that’s a perfect metaphor for selling ANYTHING.

Especially if you’re a copywriter.

You’re taking somebody on a slippery slope from point A…

A painful place they don’t want to be in:

(debt, overweight, single)

… through point B, C, D, E, F…

And when you eventually let them off the ride at point Z they’re ready to be transformed by your product.

They’ve gone from pain to pleasure. From hell to heaven.

That’s the slipperly slope all good copy takes the reader on.

And that promise of transformation should be inherent in everything you sell.

Okay, back to the haircut.

You go in you’re bad. You come out you’re good. Yeah yeah, got it.

But wait, there’s more…

I hate going to hairdressers because I can’t stand looking at them, me, us, in the mirror.

You’re just stuck there having to make small talk.

But my guy’s brilliant because what he’s done is create an entire experience.

When you go into that hairdressers. It’s like the 1920s.

Because although he’s in the UK, he flew to Chicago and he bought original 1920s paraphernalia at an auction.

So the entire shop is like a real life 1920s Chicago barbers.

You feel like you could be sitting next to Al Capone. Smoking cubans, and sippin’ bootleg, with a Tommy Gun out the back…

It’s not even about the haircut at this point.

It’s about having this experience.

You’re transported from your mundane, boring, everyday life to this hyper-real world. A world where you can fantasize about being something, or somewhere that you would love to be.

And in the process, you’re coming away with something that makes you feel better.

You’re transforming into this person that you want to be.

And so what happens?

Without fail, every time I go in there, I pay him more than I would pay a normal hairdresser, and I always buy extra stuff. Product or a brush or anything!

Because I am so caught up in the experience that I want it to continue.

I want to take it home with me.

The money becomes irrelevant.

If you can treat your clients or your customers to that kind of experience when they walk into your world.

Or if you can take somebody through that transformation when they’re reading your copy.

You’re going to end up selling a lot more stuff, to a lot more people, and they’ll love you for it.

And if you want to know how to create and sell the kinds of products that’ll transform your customers from bad to good… (And line your pockets in the process) check out small strategic steps below.



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