How To Win Online For FREE.

Going to talk to you very quickly today about a little gift that I’ve got coming your way.

It’s available today.

If you’re looking to build your own list, and you’re struggling to get ahead online…

Or if you’ve been online for a while and you want a really effective, fast way to build your list, that won’t break your bank then listen up.

I’m going to show you how.

It’s not going to cost you anything. I’m not going to sell you anything. And I’m going to get to why in a minute.

First I want to tell you about what it’s like when you first come online, and why I’m offering this specific gift to you.

When I first came online, everything was difficult. Everything was confusing. I’d buy a seven dollar product and it would be, frankly, rubbish.

If I was lucky, it might be half of what I needed to do, but generally speaking people were just holding stuff back so they could get more money out of me later down the funnel.

But I was one of those guys when I came online who had a lot of passion and a lot of energy to put into this stuff, but I genuinely didn’t have the resources to do anything.

The reason I came online was because I had no money and I had these problems in my life, which I then resolved, but right then I just needed help.

The problem was that help was paid help.

I was like, who are these guys?

They’re running around making these big claims about how they can make all of this money for you. You’ve just got to follow their simple system.

And I was one of those guys who was like…

“well you know, if your claims are that good just help me out here. You’re talking about helping people. SO help me out and when the claim comes good, and the money’s in my bank I’ll give you your money, HELL, I’ll give you double what you’re asking for if your promises come true and it works.”

Now, I was desperate, and I didn’t really have the right attitude.

Because as we know, once you pay for something you put more effort into it… and anyway,it’s valuable stuff that these guys are giving out. Why should they make it free?

Yet, on the other hand, when I came online I just genuinely needed that help, I wasn’t after a free ride. I would’ve paid double and I think most people that know me know would back me up on that too.

So I made a promise to myself that when I was in a position to help other people who are just starting online, a little bit confused, a bit desperate, and who genuinely can’t afford 47, 27, or even $7 to lean how to get ahead, that I’d step in and help.

If you don’t know how to build a list, don’t know how to write decent emails, and don’t know how to necessarily make a product, and get started online “the proper way”… Then the promise I made back then was to you.

I promise was simple. I would just give ALL that information that I needed back then, freely.

I’m now in the position where I can do that. I mean, I still have one product that makes me money, but I don’t need to make any money off the others.

So I’m making them all free to you.

The point of the matter is this:

All the core stuff that you need is now FREE.

All the stuff that you normally have to find from all these different other little places and maybe piece together, is in one place.

You get to avoid all the mistakes most people make…and there’s no need to spend a small fortune on the front end of a million different funnels because you can’t risk the investing in the REAL product.

I’m giving you the REAL PRODUCT. A real listbuilding course. Not a lead bait, not a tripwire, not a webinar selling the course. I’m giving you the ACTUAL COURSE.

And I’m going to tell you how to get that for free. Not even an opt-in needed, very shortly.

I just wanted to say that just because you’re struggling now, and just because you’ll maybe have some great success in the future, don’t forget where you came from.

It would have been very easy for me to forget where I came from. To forget how hard it was for me. To forget that sometimes you just need one person to help you out. And I almost did for a while. But I’m fixing that today.

So please. Use this course if it suits you. I’ve made it completely open source, which means you can share it. It means, if you want to take it apart, and reformat it, and sell it as your own product, you can do that. I don’t care.

I just want you to get ahead. I want you to succeed, but I want you to remember where you came from.

If you can do that, then our whole community will grow, okay?

If you want the course all you need to do is look up at the blog menu.

You’ll see a little option in the top right hand corner that says, free list building course. It will teach you to build your own list that pays for itself in the space of twenty-one days.

I’m not asking for any money. You might have to put a bit of money into your advertising. Maybe five, ten bucks a day, which is pretty much the best deal you’ll ever get for complete listbuilding course online.

The quality of course is plain to see. I’ll let you be the judge. But I’ll tell you now, it’s better than a lot of $497 courses out there… easy.

But it’s yours. It’s open source. Free. It’s me giving back.

It’s me thanking the community that’s helped me.

It’s me remembering where I come from.

I really wish you all the best with it.

If you need any help with it whatsoever, all you’ve got to do is hit me up on Facebook and we’ll go from there.

All right. Go and check out the course. I’ll speak to you soon.

PS: Feel free to help others and share this post.


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