If you’re not doing this,
you’re missing 97% of your market

People always ask me why I email everyday.

They also suggest that it must annoy the crap out of people but the facts suggest otherwise.

And there’s plenty of good reasons to email daily.

Or blog daily.

Or facebook post daily.

Or whatever your favourite medium is… to do it daily.

But I only want to take about one.

Partly because I’m pressed for time today.

But mostly because this point is so important it deserves to be understood in isolation.

One of the greatest sales people ever to grace this planet was the late Chet Holmes. And he was the first person to bring this statistic to my attention.

In fact, I’ve never heard anyone else talk about it. Which is weird, because it’s a revelation.

Chet says:

Only 3% of ANY market is ready to buy on any given day.

Thank about that.

If you’ve got a room full of 100% people interested in cars. Only 3 of those people are actually “buyer ready.”

So you pitch and you make 3 sales. Well done you.

Same goes for washing machines, sales copy, ice-cream makers, lawnmowers.

On any given day only 3% of people will be ready to buy.

The rest of the 100 are made up of:

  • 3% ready to buy.
  • 6-7% open to the idea.
  • 30% not thinking about it
  • 30% don’t think they’re interested
  • 30% know they’re not interested.

So when it comes to emailing…

If I’ve got 100 people my list and I only email them once a week. I’m only speaking to 3% of my potential buyers.

But if I email them daily I reach many more people in “buyer ready” mode. If I’m not reaching them on day one. I’m reaching them on day two, three or four.

And if I do my job in the email on day one, a % of the people who are in the 30% “not thinking about it” are now thinking about it. Hopefully, moving them into the 6-7% “open to it” category.

But even that over complicates the simple beauty of knowing that …

… on any given day only 3% of people are actively ready to buy.

So don’t ignore the other 97% just get them on a better day.

If today is the day you’re ready to find a product idea, create a product, and sell a product then check out Small Strategic Steps here:

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If not there’s always tomorrow.

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