The Truth About Kevin Rogers

At 1am this moring I was about to call it a day…

When I saw a facebook update from one of my favourite copywriters, Kevin Rogers.

Turns out he was doing this live thing so I clicked over and started watching… and it reminded me that I’d signed up for a copy of his 60-Second Sales Hook book.

It’s free and I recommend you go get it.

But not yet, I’m not done talkin’ with ya.

And besides, it turns out Old Mate Kev is as sneaky as they come… but first:

Did you know that from the beginning of time… until the year 2003… the human race created five exabytes of information.

That’s one billion gigabytes.

That’s a 1, with 18 zeros after it.


Now I know what you’re thinking…

How many cute talking animals can there be?  But that’s not the point. (I mean, it’s a lot, right? At least 12, maybe more? )

Anyway, that was 2003. Five exabytes in our entire human history…

In 2013, we were producing 5 exabytes… every 10 minutes.

Now I don’t particularly like using exclamation marks for effect, but:  !

So forget walking on water. If you’re reading this, it’s a bonafide miracle.

Now back to Kevin, because he’s going to show you one way you can get listened to in all that digital data.

You see. I couldn’t find my copy of the book. So I went back into my ‘Kevin Rogers’ folder and went back to the first email where I subscribed for the book.

And I noticed the coolest thing he does. That I’ve not seen anyone else do so well.

And if you do it. I’m pretty positive you’ll boost your readership.

He doesn’t just give you one reason to keep engaged, he gives you three… and you don’t even notice it. I didn’t until I went back.

First reason to read his email:

Get the book you wanted, PLUS he’s promising unannounced bonuses.

So you open up, read and click for your book and bonuses.

Except the bonuses don’t come now, but later, over the next two emails. But it’s too late. I already thought the bonuses were mine. The trap is set.

And you’d better believe…  those next two emails are full of useful stuff and quality positioning when I look at them.

Including, one really important thing he does.

His first follow up email helps you use the book.

Because he knows if you actually use it, you’ll see how frickin’ awesome it actually is. And so be more inclined to trust him in the future.

So just three emails in and you’ve developed a mini-habit.

Waiting for Kevin’s emails. Opening them. Being pleased. Waiting for the next one.

Pavlov would be proud.

If it sounds simple it’s because it is.

But it’s also a beautifully effective strategy that you can use today.

Just like Small Strategic Steps…  which is made up of simple strategies to create a list of buying subscribers you can email until your heart is content.   Check it out on the link below.

Small Strategic Steps


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