Common As Muck (Why I Hate Marketing)

I’ve got a bit to say, but get through the next 600 words and I promise it’ll be worth it…

Share. Grow. Teach.

That’s what it’s all about for me right now.

There’s too much focus on making all the money.


And it kinda eats me up inside.

Especially as a copywriter. I find myself conflicted. I spend every day inside other peoples’ heads. Trying to work out what makes them tick. What pains them. What scares them. And what ultimately transforms them and liberates them from their pain…

But all of this is in service to the goddam sale. No sale. No liberation. No sale. No transformation. No sale. No more copy gigs for Luke.

If you knew me you’d raise an eyebrow at this contradiction. As I’m one of the most anti-capitalist, anti-establishment, S.O.B’s you’re ever likely to meet…

I break bureaucracies just by entering the building.

Before me, red tape was just regular ol’ tape.

So I need balance.

And short of a trip to Kyoto Where I can decompress in a Zen monastery for a month.  I’ve got to find another way to balance out.

So here’s what immagunnado:

When I’m not marketing, I’m photographing.

I spend a fair bit of time looking at photography blogs. And like the marketing industry you find and follow your favorites.

For me, that’s a street photographer called Eric Kim.

I dig this guy’s vibe because he’s an ace street photographer. And he’s also a great teacher, and a very astute marketer.

One of the things he does is make all of his content 100% open source under the creative commons license.

That means you can take ALL his hard work… His ART, his training programs, and his e-books… and share, sell, or do whatever you like with them.

These aren’t $7 lead magnets, and you don’t have to “opt in”.

They’re fully fleshed out, painstakingly researched…  and often beautiful labours of love that are free in every sense.

You don’t see nearly enough of this in our little money hungry  world…

It’s all money grabbing.

Often hidden behind the “claim” of “giving” massive value…

So where is it? It’s BS.

Of course, in the art world people love to share. It’s how people learn, grow and communicate.

What’s art if not the purest form of communication? 

And what do marketers always proudly proclaim to put front and centre? The story; the communication with the audience!

Why then do we constantly hide our own art behind opt ins, paywalls, or low dollar offers?

Surely that’s a BARRIER to communication?

I think Eric makes the vast majority of his spondoolies teaching street photography.

So he’s definitely not selling himself short.

And I’ve decided to follow his lead and make all my content (except for one product) 100% free and open source under the creative commons licence.

And that’s that.

That’s my zen back.

From today onwards my blog will be a open source, store house of some pretty cool stuff.

Open source listbuilding, open source market research, and of course my daily writing.

I’ve no idea what’ll happen. But I’ll tell you one thing.

Only having to focus on selling a single product is a dream…

And attracting people into my world, so I can share my story is a whole lot easier when you can  say…

“come in, the door is always open, make yourself at home”

I’d love you to get involved and support me in this by getting the content, using it, profiting from it, and sharing it so others can benefit too.

Where is it? Right here! Look in the menu and you’ll see the first of many TRULY FREE, open source, resources.

But don’t worry, If you’re hankering to spend some money, you can still snap up my flagship product creation course by clicking the link below:

 Small Strategic Steps


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