Is your business a squatty, sweaty, heeevy mess?

I’d just finished Crossfit yesterday and I found myself in a weird position. Both physically and metaphorically.

I was doing this one stretch that involves your shoulder, a resistance band, a pull up bar, and a squat like position, and I got to thinking.

When did I learn how to do this stretch?

The thing that made this really weird was that normally after a Crossfit session there is no thinking going on with Luke at all.

Just a concentrated effort to:

a) Breathe without choking, and

b) Not throw up in front of the girls who seem strangely unaffected by entering whatever circle of hell we were required to enter for ten minutes that day.

Anyway, sometime around squatty, sweaty, heeevy mess I realized I needed to write this email

Because somewhere along the road I did learn that stretch.

I remember seeing other people doing it when I first started about a year ago.

I remember trying to do it and people laughing at me because I was doing it wrong…

I remember being an idiot man and not asking for help.

So somewhere along the line, over time, trial and error, I worked out the correct way to do this stretch…

Just like in business.  When you start, you’re going to look at other people doing weird things and wonder how to do it.

Then you’re going to try and replicate what you see, even though you don’t know how to do it properly yet.

And if you get it wrong someone might even laugh at you.

But then one day, hopefully in a less strange position than I was in, you’ll suddenly realise:

“oh look, I’m doing this, when did that happen?”

And it’ll seem like the most natural thing in the world.

Of course, if you’re smart. You’ll short cut your success by asking the appropriate person for help. Or  you’ll find a system that works as apply it.

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