The Actual Scary Bit

You ever take a good look at yourself and think…

Why do I always do that?

Point in case:

I brought a really COOL camera the other day so I could get my street photography rocking.

My thinking was this:

This new camera, which is way more discreet than my big ‘ol DSLR would have magical powers. It would help me feel more confident taking pictures of folks on the street.

Low and behold!

… it didn’t. It’s just a camera.

The same fear remained. The only difference is I now have a new camera that I’m also not using.

It’s a bit like when you know you should be running that webinar…

Or making that sales call…

Or approaching that thought leader at a conference and offering your ideas…

It doesn’t matter how many new tactics you test out, or new bits of technology you use, or how smart you look, you’ve still got to do the one thing that’s THE ACTUAL SCARY BIT.

That’s where the juice is. It’s all about taking the shot.

And it’s the only way you’ll ever overcome that fear.

Speaking of fear:

In my experience, the biggest fear holding most people back online is knowing what to do, and fearing they’ll waste time or lose money.

So let me put your mind at rest.

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