Seriously Supercharged Skill Sets

Speed Demon is closer to completion

OK, today was a busy day. I took a day off recording videos for this product. I’ve nearly recorded all of them now but there are just a couple left to do which are just outside of my current skill set. So I put some feelers out on the forums and spent the day focused […]

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Existential Loneliness, Vanity and Qualified Traffic

reflect and project 2013

Today I left my comfort blanket by the roadside. It’s been nice over the past few days watching the AJIC community beginning to come together. There are a few familiar faces now, all commenting on each others blogs, many are just writing a blog or setting up a website for the first time and everyone […]

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Reflective Mind Finds Solace in Daily Drudgery

leveraging browser caching is aided by coffee: Image by James Mitchell

What a difference a day makes! I thought today was gong to be a struggle and to a degree it was but that was mainly because I was back at the day job. Making the same people the same coffee at the same time of day, having the same conversation, cleaning the same tables, hearing […]

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Gzip For WordPress and Other Such Delicacies

gzip for wordpress. Image by Zimpenfish

“Learn, Write, Drive Traffic, Interact.” Such a simple, off-the-cuff, remark made by my mentor today. It wasn’t even directed at me but it hit home. It was exactly what I needed to hear after a very absorbing but difficult day of product creation. I thought yesterday was tough but the two areas that I was […]

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Down The Rabbit Hole or Down the Rabbit Whole?

Learning Webdesign is like sitting at the mad hatters teaparty

Wow. There was real battle going on today. I think I won, but I don’t feel like it. The phrase  falling down the rabbit hole seems appropriate. The thing is, normally, when you ‘fall down the rabbit hole’ you do it by accident or some might say misguided curiosity. Sadly, I can claim either. Normally, […]

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Dirty Vegas and Why Financial Secrets Have No Place In Relationships

Welocme to Las Vegas

Still Kicking Well, I’m still writing this blog so I guess things turned out alright anyway. If I learned two things yesterday they were that it is often best to have acted first and be prepared to apologize later. And secondly, that quite often you need not apologize anyway. Your loved ones in particular can […]

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Escaping The Slave Cycle One Post At A Time

Done. With. It. Hi my name is Luke and I am 'done with' the mundane, ineffectual, apathy inducing slog of the daily grind. Not ‘done with’ in the way you are done with your job at the end of the day but too tired to do anything about it rather than drink beer to dull […]

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