Escaping The Slave Cycle One Post At A Time

luke-with-whiteboardDone. With. It.

Hi my name is Luke and I am 'done with' the mundane, ineffectual, apathy inducing slog of the daily grind.

Not ‘done with’ in the way you are done with your job at the end of the day but too tired to do anything about it rather than drink beer to dull the senses and eat to provide quick comfort and refuel your body for the next day's grind.

Not ‘done with it’ as in going home and watching coma inducing TV programs because you’re too tired to think your way outside of the box your in, or too tired to even have a meaningful conversion with you partner, unless it’s about how soul destroying work is and how ‘if you only had more money and time’ you’d change it.

Not ‘done with it’ as in deciding to fight the system by forgetting about the system, having another beer and turning back to the 480 channels of scripted humour and the canned laughter of the long deceased.

The next thing you know, you’re getting your ‘recommended’ 8 hours sleep – well actually it’s 6 – but you can’t sleep before midnight, you’re not sure if it’s the suppressed rage or the dormant stress of your mounting debt but ‘that’s just the way it’s always been’.

Now after six short hours of restless sleep where the worries of the day turned into twisted dreamscapes and shadowy figures from your past (arguably the most exciting part of each 24 hour cycle) you’re forcing your bones out of bed and beginning the trudge back to work, rinsing and repeating the slave cycle day after day after day after day after…

What Would Einstein Do?

the slave cycle is repsonsible for proping up the capitalist pyramidTo be clear, I’m not saying your life is like this. I hope it isn’t. But this is how I see mine, have seen mine and if I don’t change it now, this is how I foresee mine. So when I say ‘done with it’ I mean DONE WITH IT.

I think it was a bloke called Albert Einstein that said something like “the definition of insanity is repeating the same experiment over and over again and expecting a different result”. It’s taken me 34 years to really understand this.

So, I am done with it. Lets change the experiment. From now on, I am only working enough to provide basic needs (+ broadband), there is a real danger here of financial ruin in the face of growing, but not yet spiraling debt – I don’t care, something needs to change. I need to change.

Act first, apologize later. There is also the very real fact that in doing this I am placing, what I hope is not too much strain, on my willing and supportive partner as I chase the dream to make a better future for the two of us. Take a bow Demelza. I love you. This is for you too.

Time Is The Only True Commodity

I’ve believed for a long time the true commodity in life is time. With it you can learn, you can earn and most importantly you can ‘spend it’ with your loved ones. Unlike capital accumulation – time, at least in physical terms is finite, and I’ve been giving it away for a pittance for most of my life.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve had a good life, especially if take the greater world at large into consideration. My degree in International Relations constantly reinforces the paradox of the lucky westerner trapped within the apathy of hotchpotch liberal democratic system that ‘is not the best, but the best possible alternative to all other systems’ (thank you Churchill) or rather 'Luke want’s more money so he can buy nice things' #first world pains.

This is a short sighted view that is, in my opinion, just plain wrong. Sure I have been blessed to live in a more affluent society but that doesn’t mean I should sit back a accept my lot in life through some misguided sense of shame for those less fortunate than me and who’s to say that in aspiring to build a better life I can’t put myself in a position to help others?

There Is No Sob Story Here

So to be clear. There is no sob story here. If anything there is a strong sense of disenfranchisement and a burning desire (thanks Alex) to move forward and create a real life for myself and my loved ones whilst the time is right.

Right now, in this moment, my ridiculously low wage and lack of interesting or viable prospects to move into is actually a blessing and I’m acting on it. I find myself in the position where I can turn this unfortunate situation of a low wage into a a real change of life and change of pace. You see, the thing is, I only have to make a very mediocre amount of money each week to be able to swap my crap job (sorry hospitality industry, it’s been emotional but you’ve bled me dry) for a scalable business that I love.

Of equal importance, when I make this small amount of money (we’re talking $250 per week) I’ll be able to quit my job and then I will be able to ‘invest more time’ into growing the business whilst still providing basic needs. Once this is done, then I can start growing the business and then the fun begins.

Yes I know we all want this dream, well guess what, over here, for me, right now, I’m gonna make it happen and you’ll see it happen right here on this blog.

How am I going to do it? Well that’s what I will be finding out one step at a time. I'm going to work out this internet marketing business. My ventures so far (excluding ebay selling) have not provided one penny, one cent, one iota of wealth but this doesn’t deter me and there are four reasons for this.

  1. Drive: I am massively motivated to make this happen for me and my family. I’m leaving the slave cycle and I’m pulling others with me.
  2. Need: I have debt to clear that my current job cannot manage. So it’s a no brainer.
  3. Support: My girlfriend believes in me and is generously continuing to work in a job she hates to afford me the time to make this happen. I am under no illusions that this time is finite. A great motivator!
  4. What would Einstein do? Why is this time different from any other time? I'VE MENTORED UP!

Sure Einstein is right, hey look – I ain’t gonna argue with Einstein, right? So, through all my trials and tribulations with affiliate marketing I got nowhere, financially. Sure in time I would’ve, but TIME is my thing right. It takes too long, it isn’t stable enough and I’m still ultimately working for other people and all this whilst trying to outsmart google! Not a great plan. Never be afraid to walk away from something if it isn't working.

What I did learn form affiliate marketing is the skill-set to work online. That’s where the juice of that particular experience is for me. And what I really learned from total immersion in the world of internet marketing is this:


Well thanks to Einstein, I went out and got myself one. A real life Welsh one. Take a bow Alex Jeffreys. I’ve joined up with his Inner Circle and we are now on a one-way course to success. Is this a risk? Hell no, not judging by what I have learned so far. What Alex is giving me is the magic dust. I'm learning from his mistakes and being guided by his successes.

The way I see it, the very worst case scenario sees me back to square one, still broke, still in debt, still in my dead-end job, but now with a decent amount of SEO knowledge, a growing ability to code, and new found love of website design and a pretty keen understanding of business practices and productivity.

But you know what, I’m not letting any negativity in. I have no time or space for it. I’m gonna make this happen. I’m not sure how, but I am sure it’s going to happen, and I am going to document it all on this blog, the good, the bad and the downright awesome. I have the aspirations, I have the time and I’m going to escape the slave cycle one post at a time. Join me.

Time for a Statement of Intent

I, Luke Corden, will earn my first $1 via internet marketing by December 1st 2013
I will not take part in the slave cycle in 2014 therefore by December the 31st at the latest I will quit my job.
In the next 60 days I will take a minimum of one action each and everyday to make this a reality.
I will document all of this on this blog, via twitter and facebook.

On a note of full disclosure, my partner [hi baby] hasn't yet found out that I joined this coaching program, she knows I'm working hard and that I am working with people but not 'a mentor'. So there might be a little conversation about finances needed as soon as this post goes live… act first, apologize later, make a success of it and no apologies are required —> hmm, we'll see, this might be the shortest lived blog ever, but I doubt it. There is success within my grasp.

If you’re still reading this you have hopefully enjoyed the post. I would really love to hear your comments and any advice you can offer. If you are an experienced entrepreneur that wants to drop some wisdom bombs or just a newbie like me looking for help or encouragement then please get involved. I will reply to all posts. Look forward to hearing from you!


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